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The New Albany office of Cutler Real Estate is a suburban office with a loft style, and a “chic” vibe. The office has high, exposed ceilings and modern fixtures. It was designed with an “open concept” that encourages conversation, collaboration, and agent networking. Many of our visitors, and office Realtors, appreciate the relationship and partnership that we have created with Hayley Gallery, a local art gallery. Their art work adorns our walls, and changes constantly as they continue to change their inventory. Because of our location and design, we encourage the Realtors in our office to sponsor gatherings and community events throughout the year. Our office has been utilized for everything from book clubs and seminars to a psychic fair!

The Realtors in the New Albany office have garnered a reputation as being professional, thorough, friendly, and career-minded. Our Realtors are very supportive, professional, ethical, and encourage one another to succeed!  Although we have newly licensed Realtors who join us, we are loaded with experienced Realtors that recognize the different technology platforms and training that we offer. This includes lead generation, Cloud CMA, contact management systems with “drip campaigns,” Social Media marketing, web site design, and much more!

Our Realtors not only join organizations through the Columbus Realtors Board, but also take an active role in community involvement. Although we are located in New Albany, and are members of the Chamber locally, many of our Realtors live in the surrounding communities and take an active role in their personal communities as well.

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Chris Rosen

Office Manager | REALTOR® 614-582-8833